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Sleep Information

NHS statistics state that up to a third of all people in the UK have symptoms of insomnia at some point in each year, which can include:

•lying awake for a long time at night before falling asleep

•waking up several times in the middle of the night

•being irritable

•feeling tired and not refreshed by sleep

•not being able to function properly during the day and

finding it difficult to concentrate

•waking up early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep.

There is strong evidence in scientific literature that disturbed sleep, devastating in the short-term also has long-term detrimental effects such as interfering with the smooth running of the immune system, memory and cognitive functioning, anxiety disorders and more.

For most people the problem is fairly short-lived, but for as many as one in ten it becomes a chronic problem which significantly affects their life. 
A common trigger for sleeping difficulties is stress and worry. If at all possible start to deal with what worries or stresses you out. Take control of what you can and take steps to eliminate or deal with the stress.
Some people are particularly vulnerable because they are more likely to show a more extreme response to stress, such as people who are depressed, chronically ill or struggling with other difficult issues such as relationship problems and then work problems. 

The figures that 1 in 3 people will have experienced Sleep deprivation  in the past year, is shocking, but sleep depravation is one of the most common disorders found in almost everyone today.

Why, because often people don’t realise that they are becoming sleep deprived until they start showing many of the symptoms.

One of the first symptoms to be on the alert for is the development of an irritable nature. Events or people around you that previously were fine, now can annoy you.

Your memory becomes patchy. You would have some vague recollection of what happened. However, when anyone would ask you for the specific things that happened in the event, you will not be able to point them out.

Your may noticed that your reaction time will decreases. You may experience blurred vision and you may feel unbelievably tired in the middle of the day.

Your concentrating abilities would be greatly shortened. Physically, you would be doing the task, but mentally you would be in a world, which is completely disconnected from it. (daydreaming) This is sure to have an impact on your overall performance at work or at home.

These are few of the many symptoms, which you would find in yourself, if you were experiencing sleep deprivation.

As an immediate solution, you should opt for natural sleep remedies. They will help you to heal faster and with minimal side effects (if any). Also seek help to discover what the underlying cause of the sleep difficulties in order to eliminate and/or deal with them.

Here are Yes2wellness holistic health, we can help you with reliable and non addictive natural remedies such as herbs and bach flower remedies, we can also help you overcome physical discomfort in the form of cranio sacral re-alignment and with any psychological or stress issues through our psychotherapy and hypnotherapy expertise. Please contact us to resume deep, refreshing sleep as swiftly as possible.

We also run 90 minute sleep awareness workshops within companies. Giving numerous practical, logical and simple tips and advise on how to re-gain refreshing sleep.

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