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We have a wide range of meditations for helping you feel more energised, optimistic and cheerful, calm, relaxed and comfortable as well as becoming more confident and in control, something everyone could benefit from in these fast paced times.

We also have specific hypnosis CD's for helping you design the future of your dreams, for sleeping more easily, for releasing weight, quitting smoking, having a calm and natural birth and others. Go here for more information


We have 3 practical and packed with information books for you to download:-

Don't worry ~ Be happy - filled with simple, effective tools for living a happy, contented life. This is a practical, common sense and obvious. Things we all know we should be doing but often forget to implement these simple things into our lives. When we do, we really notice that we become happier, calmer and more content.

Meditation for Everyone - how to meditate, when to meditate and many different ways to meditate. This book is practical, easy to understand and filled with information. Ideal for the beginner or intermediate who would like more information.

I'm a little Stressed right now - useful and practical tools for remaining calm under pressure. This book is great for helping with perspective, when everything seems too difficult to manage, it helps with common sense tips and tools that you can implement right now into your life to give you some breathing space.

Click here for more information or to buy.

HomeoHerbs:   (Homeobotanicals)     or visit

We also supply organic herbal products imported from New Zealand, reduced and potentised as in homoeopathy. For over 30 years they have been remarkably effective in treating a wide range of physical ailments. Contact me to find out more.

Almost any common ailment can be treated using these non invasive, non addictive completely natural and organic herbal products, here are a few examples:

Female and male hormonal imbalances
Colds, flu's and bronchial problems
Allergies of all sorts
Rheumatic joint pain - all pain
Urinary infections - all infections
Skin disorders
Metabolism problems
Along side Bach Flower remedies, anxiety disorders and sleep problems - any emotional problem can be assisted with the remedies.

Email me to tell me of your symptoms, fill out a short questionnaire and I will send you the most effective herbal blend including any Bach Flower remedies that will treat your condition.