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Deborah Kerslake Ph.D, HbT, FMH (UK) SRFHI (NZ), DHP, CST 

My belief is that the majority of illness starts off or is exacerbated by emotional trauma and persistent negative/faulty thinking and so I approach my clients and workshops with a wholistic approach, looking at conscious, unconscious (subtle), emotional and physical sides of life for a complete 4 dimensional balance.

I have been speaking on personal development and the pursuit of happiness as well as running my private practice and helping companies with their staff for over 20 years and am passionate about helping people become happier, healthier more confident, balanced and calm. 

I've written a range of 10 personal development Meditation CD's  and 3 e-books that are designed to help people gain greater confidence, calmness, vitality and joy into their lives, whilst helping them release old, unhelpful habits.

After working as a financial consultant in the corporate world during the bullish 1980's I did a complete change of lifestyle and did some intense spiritual/philosophical study for 3 years. I then moved onto the physical aspects of health via 3 years diploma of complementary medicine, then a post graduate diploma in hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (passed with distinction). I have an honorary Ph.D in the philosophy of Homoeobotany and am a Master Life coach. I live in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey with my lovely Kiwi husband and our three little dogs. My daughter is a successful classical singer who does an enormous amount of work for charities. My passion in life is helping people find what they want so they can create peace and harmony.

Carol Fogarty B.A., B.Sc., MBPsS

As a coach my aim for the client is to achieve a balanced personal and professional life, tailored to their desires and core values. I have a passion in the dynamics surrounding motivation, commitment and performance in successful people and how people perceive, process information, think, act, react and interact.

"I am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Master Coach, Hypnotherapist and Time-Line Therapist. I hold a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business Studies and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. My specialisms include group coaching, team performance and facilitation

For 12 years prior to this I held a number of commercial positions with Cadbury, Pepsico, and GlaxoSmithKline, most recently as Strategy Director. This combination has equipped me with a variety of skills and techniques to ensure a fun, inter-active and positive experience for the individual or team.

I live in Fleet in Hampshire with my very supportive husband and wonderful son and gorgeous little daughter. Away from work, I am a keen sports participant having attained top level recognition in the UK as a beach and indoor volleyball player. I am also an active supporter of several local charity initiatives