Meditation & Chakra balance

Meditation can help you create peace and clarity

Many studies have shown the benefits of meditation to be real and profound. Simply by meditating, people have been able to reduce the amount of stress, alleviate physical pain, lower blood pressure, relax muscle tension, improve mind-body co-ordination, achieve a sense of peace, calmness and joy, see more possibilities in life and even reduce biological age.

Meditation does not require any particular spiritual or religious beliefs, nor is there any one "right" way to meditate. Some meditations are walking meditations, some focus on clearing the mind, some emphasise breathing and breath control, some involve silently repeating a secret mantra over and over again, and some are used for changing deeply held inner core beliefs.

When you feel rushed, meditation can bring you back to a sense of living in the NOW.
When you feel tired, meditation can refresh and renew your body and spirits.
When you feel confused, meditation can bring you clarity.
When you feel defeated, meditation can bring you inspiration and new ideas.
When you feel exhausted, 20 minutes of meditation can bring you the rest of 4 hours sleep.

Regular guided meditation can also help you eliminate unwanted behaviours and thoughts and insert resourceful behaviours or beliefs that can positively affect your life.

We can teach you to meditate effectively in only a few sessions.

Chakra Balance

Chakra is a Sankrit word which means ‘wheel’. The chakras are interpreted as wheels of energy that spin around the body and as they spin they move energy up and down the centre of the body, parallel to the spinal column

There are the 7 main energy centres of the body. Imagine a wheel of energy emanating from these centres in a circular, clockwise direction. They have colours associated with them. To balance ourselves, we can visualise the appropriate colour being strong and firm and about 18 inches around our whole body moving in a flowing clockwise direction. Keep imagining this until it’s easy and then move onto the next one. We usually start at the Base or Root charkra and move on upwards.

Once these energy centres are in balance the whole person feels more balanced, calm and centred. It is possible to balance these centres ourselves or contact a therapist who is able to do this for you. It’s a very relaxing and sometimes illuminating experience.


There are pictures of what looks like light emanating from a human body at the charkra points as far back as 4000 years.

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