Homeobotanical Practitioner course

Homeobotanical Therapy is a "core therapy" - or one which is so universally helpful, a blend can be prepared for every patient who presents for help in your clinic.  On this "core" is added whatever other therapeutic manipulation is desired, be this medicinal, nutritional or psychological support.

As a trained naturopath for over 26 years, I use these remedies all the time (sometimes in conjunction with Bach flower remedies and/or hypnotherapy and/or cranio sacral therapy) and continually have excellent results. They are simple to use, easy to understand and very effective. 

When made up bottles of Hbs are potentised – pounded on a resilient surface (often your hand) – like in homoeopathy, you then not only molecular bond the blend of herbs into one remedy, but you imprint your own healing energy in the bottle, thereby giving that extra boost to the healing process. The remedies are very well proven and each practitioner has their own way of dispensing them, but as energy follows intention, the intention of the healer is almost as important as the Hb remedies themselves in the healing process.


The specific drainage ability of these Hbs target organs and systems of our body to relieve them of the toxic burden that we accumulate over the years. Even when we are careful and doing what we can to remain healthy, toxins still invade our body through the water we drink, food we eat, even the very air we breathe.

Our body is good at combating these foreign bodies, but when we are under unusual stress - physical, emotional or mental, then these foreign bodies can get a stranglehold within us and create ill health. 

We need regular detoxification. Hbs specifically formulated to target the problem areas to stimulate these organs and systems within our body and ‘clear us out’.

After the clearance we can then nurture our bodies by ingesting very nutritious blends of Hbs, feeding our body with the perfect building blocks we need to ensure continued excellent health.


Homeobotanical Therapy has gone one step more. As well as being a very simple, effective and dynamic healing modality, this system has also been designed to nurture the healer. The form this takes (apart from the obvious benefits of taking Hb themselves and treat their family, friends and pets) is to ensure that the healer can make a living and not have to be under economic stress.

To this end, we have priced Hb Remedies in such a way that not only does the client benefit with these low cost, dynamic Hb, but the practitioner makes a good profit from each prescription that they give to their client. This ensures less stress for (YOU) the practitioner due to economic pressures and enables easier access to that calm, meditative space where you can do your best healing. This 2 day course is for qualified therapists, nurses and doctors 

The Certificate in Homeobotanical Studies Syllabus:


The Physical and Dynamic Action of Hb Remedies

Vibrational Medicine

Dispensing Methods

Recommended reading list

Materia Medica for Allergies, Colds and Catarrh, Expectorant/Coughs, Chronic lung disease and Emotional Stress disorders.


Dynamic Nutrition (feeding the cells)

Assimilation - Nutritional Herbs (what we put into our mouths is not always what we assimilate into our bodys)

Dynamic Depuration – drainage (taking the toxins out of the body).

Clinical practice - case taking (most of you will know about this already).

Materia Medica for Purifying of the blood, Thyroid imbalances, Specific Nutritional boost to the body after illness or chronic dietary imbalance, Immune system enhancement, Gastrointestinal/Bowel tonic. Trophorestorative herbs


Understanding Homoeopathy and how it relates to HbT

Potentisation of the remedies – why do we do this and what value is it?

Herbal Vehicles - the different types of herb waters available and how to make them up for yourself

Materia Medica for Nausea, Cramps, Spasms, First Aid (acute) illness, diuretic/Oedema tonic, Skin tonic, kidneys, liver and gall bladder tonic.

Dermatology including Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis - Unguent Therapy (ointments)


Acute and Chronic Prescribing

Herbal Roots of Homoeobotanical Therapy

Materia medica for Pancreas tonic, Discussing Candida Albicans, Migraine/headaches, Stomach/digestion, Brain-CNS-memory tonic (good for the exam!), female hormone normaliser, Adrenals balance, Glandular system.

Understanding how Homoeobotanical Therapy works as a core therapy.


Beyond mechanical medicine - Vitamins, Minerals, Auric healing

Case taking and questionnaires

Materia Medica for Heart tonic, general pain, insomnia, tiredness/hypotension, varicose veins, worms, Rheumatism, Arthritic tonic. Soft tissue damage (brilliant for the massage therapists) Diarrhoea (this stuff stops Diarrhoea dead!), Lack of Stamina, Viral remedy.

Understanding 'Core Therapy'

The Onion Skin Theory of healing.


I am always contactable to talk difficult cases and you will be invited to join our Homeobotanicals facebook  page for lots of hints, tips and success stories. http://tinyurl.com/HomoeoHerbs 

You can be confident treating your patients with the understanding that HbT’s treat not only the physical, but the emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric too – the WHOLE person in fact.

The cost of this Certificate course is only £95.00 which includes 2 face to face training days, a full set of manuals (sent by pdf), continuing support from your tutor and membership to Homeobotanicals (UK) after qualifying and of course your Homoebotanical Practitioner Certificate.

Note: you will need to purchase some Homeobotanical remedies for your case studies during the course.   Order form is here)

Contact me to find out more or to book your course debs@yes2wellness.com