Spiritual Courses on offer

My background in this field began 25 years ago when I studied at a parapsychology school in New Zealand for 3 years. Since then I have been learning and teaching many spiritual development subjects. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. Currently on offer are:

5 week x 2 hour (or one full day) foundation course on meditation including:
mindfulness, stillness, breathing, remaining present, focussing inwardly, calming the mind and relaxing the body, gaining inner peace and outer perspective.

Energy Healing course, 8 week (1 1/2 hour each week) or 1 full day course. In this course you will learn all about chakra development, balancing meridian lines of the body, what they are, what they do and how to clear them, we will practice listening to our body and gain the ability to listen to others and how to 'feel' the energy fields that surround every living thing, how to balance and energise ourselves and others, it's a wonderful way to keep in balance and great health.

Meditation for personal development – a 8 week (or one full day) course leading us from our dreams to reality. Using meditation to train and focus your mind to improve your health, release any limiting beliefs and/or labels about yourself and ultimately lead your unconscious mind to achieving your goals and dreams. What we conceive and believe, we can achieve - Henry Ford.

Tarot reading - Tarot Cards have for thousands of years been used for divination and fortune-telling "tarot is a powerful way of revealing the truth about your life" there are 3 levels of tarot card reading on offer to learn this mystical yet truly ancient form of divination including:

Level 1. Basic tarot will give you the ability to read for yourself and your friends and family. If you would like more knowledge and experience you can complete
Level 2. Intermediate course where we go more in depth about what the cards mean and how you can interpret them more specifically, then for the enthusiastic students you can complete
Level 3. Advanced course for those who would like to develop their tarot reading into an art form and perhaps even a business for themselves.
The courses cover the history, the philosophy the responsibility and integrity as well as the interpretations individually and when they are together in a reading. The advanced course covers timing as well as how you can put basic numerology knowledge to enhance your readings.

Numerology (the psychology of). Numerology is an ancient art of reading people using the date of their birth. It's incredibly accurate and can help greatly in understanding people and most of all, understanding yourself. It will remind you of your talents, your weaknesses, your trials, skills and destiny. there are 3 levels available to achieve including:

Level 1. Basic numerology will give you a general knowledge of all the numbers and how they apply to yourself and your family, through understanding grows tolerance and brings people together.
Level 2. The intermediate course equips you with a more in-depth knowledge of how the numbers when blended together create the individual talents and where we could improve  upon and remember our strengths.
Level 3. The advanced course is for serious learners or people who would like to use this in their professional life, it give very in depth understanding of who people really are and what they are capable of. It will give you their best professions and when in their lives they are going to face their greatest challenges so as to equip them best to overcome the obstacles they will encounter. It's a serious subject for the motivated student.

NLP and Self Hypnosis. Learning about how you react and interact in your world, teaching your mind to design the life you'd like to be living. Learn the skills that will allow you to regularly correct your path to make sure that you are on track to where you wish to be and who you wish to be.

Therapeutic counselling – and/or therapeutic coaching skills for people who work in professions where gaining these skills to accurately read and understand people would be useful (I ran my own ICF Approved Professional Coaching Programme for 8 years). We would look at listening and questioning skills and all forms of non - verbal communication. Gaining skills on how to 'read people' instantly.