Step by Step to meditation

There are many ways to achieve the meditative state, here are some simple ideas to get you started.

editation is a learned state that with persistence, patience and practice, anyone can achieve. It’s training your mind to work for you in a beneficial way to help promote calmness, relaxation, peacefulness and clarity.

Ø  Make yourself very comfortable, either in a chair or lying down in a safe environment.

*Close your eyes and listen to your breath, keep it rhythmical and slow it down until you achieve the speed you want. You may find it easier to count it up with your breathing in and count back down with the out breath or perhaps watching and following a flickering candle may be easier, in order to occupy your mind.

*Using your imagination, feel and allow all tension to leave your body – use your breath to release muscles and become relaxed, possibly start at the head and work down to the toes, releasing and unwinding all tension as you go. Z Z Z

*Let thoughts that come in, flow out on your out breath, you can notice them, but give them no emotion or meaning.

*Focus on your breath – allow your mind to be still, think RELAX or CALM or STILL on the out breath.

*Decide to believe that you will be able to attain a very deeply relaxed state, but if anything should happen that could endanger you, you will immediately be alert to take action to safeguard yourself.

*Let your body feel heavy, muscles like mush, deeply relaxed physically and mentally, perhaps systematically relaxing each muscle. Try to ‘forget’ all about your physical body.

*        Use the downward stairs or floating on a cloud or drifting like a feather to deepen your relaxed state, drift down deeply to where you want to be or count downwards, from 10 down to 1

*  Become still like a pond with no ripples – use visual imagery

*  The object is to ‘forget’ about your physical body for a while.

*  Put in positive statements about yourself and your life, - make them ‘real’, bigger, intensify them use your imagination

*  Do as many positive statements as you want to in order to feel energetic and positive– work hard.

*  Alternatively tell your subconscious mind to be very calm, relaxed, peaceful, to bring your stress levels down. Tell it to react in a calm way to future stressful situations, that you can handle them - that you are in control (positive self talk)

*  For phobias you can visualise the event and using your imagination, see/feel it happening in a way you want it to. Play it all the way through, from start to very positive outcome – remember to celebrate and validate yourself when you have achieved your goal.

*  You can do a health check, focus your awareness on your body and check out how it feels to you, simply notice. Then using positive self talk, tell yourself that you are getting better and better, pain etc. is dissipating and great health is returning.

*  Then, come back to your body – become aware of it again

*  Come up the stairs or count upwards, from 1-10

*  Instil positive message for after your wake up. Like, feeling enthusiastic about the future, happy about where I am, optimistic about life……

*  Tell yourself you are wide-awake, back to present day, grounded and in control and feeling GREAT!

*      Move hands, feet, stretch to energise, open eyes.


 Quote: I bring a meditative mindset to daily life.

When we bring our meditative mindset to daily life, peace extends to our every step and breath, to our meals and our work, filling our days from morning till night.
Folding the laundry can be a meditation; washing the dishes can be a meditation. In fact, all of our daily activities can be transformed into communion, opening us to the beauty of each step and every passing instant.
Clarity is reflected in our eyes, actions, words, and thoughts, as a single devotion steps in to unite every separate aspect of our lives. In this way we can tap into the great internal flow and let our lives become a continuous meditation in motion - Active Meditation by Tobin Blake.