To experience holistic health we need to address the whole person, in as much as our mindset and outlook, our self esteem and your feelings of self worth. These things lead to our behaviour and habits and this leads ultimately to how we treat ourselves regarding physical and emotional health.

You are unique. No one has your DNA, your experiences, your genetic history and your upbringing, so trying to be like someone else is always going to make you feel and be, second best. The best person you could be, – the VERY best person is actually YOU.

Perhaps you could do with some help to eliminate learned negative labels or habits so that you can re-discover that amazing person that has always been there underneath all the layers of coping and so you can become confident, happy, healthy and more successful and calm than you ever believed possible.

“Nobel Prize winning psychiatrist Eric Kandel showed that thinking actually turns on genes that prompt neurons to form new connections. For example, psychotherapy actually changes your brain by introducing new patterns of thinking.”

So, how do we get there?

What you are thinking about NOW, affects how you feel – about yourself and your life.
How you feel affects how you behave – how you show up to others and how they relate to you.
How you behave relates to how you feel about yourself and treat yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

So if you are struggling mentally, emotionally or feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, then get in touch and let’s see how we can tackle the issues. I have over 28 years of professional experience in helping people overcome obstacles in their lives and then going on to design a life they actually like to have. My successes are many and I’d love to be able to help you also.

We Offer

A multi disciplinary approach offering improvement in all aspects of your life, physically, emotionally, mentally, enhancing well being – whatever the problem or imbalance, during my 30 years of training and experience as a therapist, first as a Naturopath, post grad training in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and onto Master Life coaching, I’ve probably come across something similar and can most probably help you re-gain health, happiness and wellness.

Upcoming courses:

Our next 2 day Post Graduate Practitioner programme dates are:

In Horsham, West Sussex on 12/13th October. Saturday and Sunday. 10-4pm In person And/or you can do it online at home at your convenience as it will be recorded.  £150.  10.00-4.15

Our next 1 day HomeoHerbal Course. Only available after you’ve completed the 2 day post graduate programme. 21st September Sat 10-4 in Horsham, West Sussex, but it will also be recorded.

Professional coaching programme: 60 hours face to face  to become an Accredited Life and Business coach.  Next programme to begin late September.

Early bird discount of £500 applies if you book and pay before end August.

Please email me for more information and/or a Synopsis of the course you’d like to do.


The Tools

Talking therapies – Life coaching/ Psychotherapy/ Hypnotherapy – to sort out problems, fears and phobias past and now
The subtle body – Chakra balance, aura healing, meridian cleanse and meditation – Everything is energy, shifting stuck energy can transform your future.
Emotional peace – Bach flower remedies – safe, gentle, effective to balance emotional issues.
Physical health – Homeobotanical remedies, (herbal combinations) are Powerful, safe, effective for physical and emotional health – cranio sacral re-alignment – for all injuries, imbalances and ‘stuckness’.

Using combinations of these therapies makes for swift and permanent change
“Everyone needs Dr Deborah Kerslake in their life; she’s helped me so much this year with Mind, Body, Soul Healing ,Therapy Wellbeing, Happiness. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change and grow.”
Our Mission
You will notice that in just 6 sessions or less, you will have reached or exceeded the level of health and wellness as someone who has been in conventional therapy for many years by using an holistic integrative approach to wellness. Come to my clinic on our lovely, peaceful little farm in Five Oaks Rd, West Sussex. The journey is a tonic in itself.

By integrating subtle body work to release restrictions and bach flower remedies for emotional balance add to that the talking therapies for understanding and to release old habits and patterns, and then herbs for the physical manifestation of problems. Just imagine how powerful such a course of treatment could be, by addressing the whole person instead of just their symptoms, we get to the underlying issues that created the imbalance and treat it there for complete elimination of all future symptoms.

Our Experience
Our philosophy is ‘teach a man to fish and you feed him for his whole lifetime’ To this end, I am very passionate about giving you tools, skills and knowledge to create your world and drive your own destiny as well as my continued support and interest helping you overcome any bumps or hurdles in the road to great health and serenity.

Because I cover the physical as well as the mental, emotional and subtle, I am able to help in almost any situation with almost any condition.

Conditions I have helped?

Sleep disorders, Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, lack of confidence, lack of direction, career advancement, career dissatisfaction, many phobias, unwanted behaviours, poor body image, low self esteem, quitting smoking, weight management, relationship difficulties, communication issues, designing your future including career and personal, meeting your life mate, headaches, migraine, period pains, menopause symptoms, all hormonal imbalances, sinusitis, bronchitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, RSI, digestive problems, whiplash injuries, back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, persistent pain anywhere in the body, insomnia, visual disturbances, lack of energy, ear infections, glue ear, tonsillitis, dental and TMJ problems, fatigue, the after effects of any chronic illness or debilitating disease.

It almost doesn’t matter what the problem is, I can probably help you. If you are just feeling ‘not well’ and don’t know why, we may be able to help with that too by re-balancing your whole body which helps to re-balance your mind and emotions.


In the very first session, Deborah helped me trace the root of my anxiety and overcome it. As a result, my self-confidence and motivation increased considerably and my enthusiasm for my work returned.


Homebotanical HomeoHerbals Testimonials & Feedback 
Symptoms: severe hay fever
Allergies, HistaHerb, Respiratory 
Lady mid 40s, has had terrible hay fever most of her life and is allergic to animals fur and feathers (has loads of animals), was on antihistamines, nasal spray, occasionally steroids and inhalers. 
Came for another bottle 3 weeks later. Says she hasn’t touched any other medication since she started on this blend. She was out in the garden all day Sunday and not a sniffle, has fresh flowers inside and usually sneezes all day from them, but not a sneeze in sight – husband noticed and commented. She is one very happy lady. I am one happy therapist.  also, she says she feels amazing. Usually always tired.
Symptoms: chronic constipation since birth
Liver, Detox, Devil’s Claw, Spasma
5 year old girl.  Bloating. Wind. Pain. Emotionally quiet and reserved.  Goes to the toilet once every 5 days – 10 days. Been on Laxido 2 sachets a day for over three years.
Saw her yesterday – completely blossomed in character, chatty, engaged, cracking jokes and being cheeky – extremely. Now stools once a day, regularly. Massive amounts, well formed, no wind, no bloating, no pain, no discomfort, sleeping well and through the night, school have commented on how ‘different’ she is. Focussed and engaged with learning
Symptoms:  long covid symptoms in clients ranging from extreme forgetfulness, malaise, exhaustion, neuralgia of the face, neck, eyes, and head. Plus depression and anxiety.  
Cerebra, Spectra, + either Zest, Tiredness or Dynama.
A blend that seems to have worked every time, lifts the depression, and eases the discomfort of neuralgia as well as exhaustion.   
Zest seems to show the most. One client, a teacher, actually forgot how to apply her teaching speciality. Now thinking about heading back to work after being off for a long time.  
Many more testimonials for Homeobotanicals and HomeoHerbals on the Testimonials page. These are for anecdotal interest only. If you have a medical condition, please visit your health professional.

During the course of the 10 sessions Deborah guided me to set clear goals regarding my future career, to identify the steps needed to achieve these goals, and to put these into action. Thanks to this, I now feel very positive and motivated about the direction I am going in and, as a bonus, my increased levels of confidence and enthusiasm are having positive effects in my personal life as well.

Deborah has supported and motivated me 100% and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering changing their lives for the better.

After I spoke to you I went away with an entirely different attitude…..
Some special things happened tonight, because you helped me tune in to a different frequency. You are a star!

Meditation CD’s
I am still using your CDs (Sleep Easy, Be Calm, Vital Health, Energise your life) and just adore them. They are my little secret friends who help me when I’ve not had enough sleep, really need a fast battery recharge, feel poorly or my confidence has been knocked. I never go anywhere without them.