Homebotanical HomeoHerbals Testimonials & Feedback for anecdotal interest only.
Symptoms: severe hay fever
Allergies, HistaHerb, Respiratory 
Lady mid 40s, has had terrible hay fever most of her life and is allergic to animals fur and feathers (has loads of animals), was on antihistamines, nasal spray, occasionally steroids and inhalers. 
Came for another bottle 3 weeks later. Says she hasn’t touched any other medication since she started on this blend. She was out in the garden all day Sunday and not a sniffle, has fresh flowers inside and usually sneezes all day from them, but not a sneeze in sight – husband noticed and commented. She is one very happy lady. I am one happy therapist.  also, she says she feels amazing. Usually always tired.
Symptoms: chronic constipation since birth
Liver, Detox, Devil’s Claw, Spasma
5 year old girl.  Bloating. Wind. Pain. Emotionally quiet and reserved.  Goes to the toilet once every 5 days – 10 days. Been on Laxido 2 sachets a day for over three years.
Saw her yesterday – completely blossomed in character, chatty, engaged, cracking jokes and being cheeky – extremely. Now stools once a day, regularly. Massive amounts, well formed, no wind, no bloating, no pain, no discomfort, sleeping well and through the night, school have commented on how ‘different’ she is. Focussed and engaged with learning
Symptoms:  long covid symptoms in clients ranging from extreme forgetfulness, malaise, exhaustion, neuralgia of the face, neck, eyes, and head. Plus depression and anxiety.  
Cerebra, Spectra, + either Zest, Tiredness or Dynama.
A blend that seems to have worked every time, lifts the depression, and eases the discomfort of neuralgia as well as exhaustion.   
Zest seems to show the most. One client, a teacher, actually forgot how to apply her teaching speciality. Now thinking about heading back to work after being off for a long time.  
Symptoms: blocked nose
Allergies, Colds/Catarrh 
For almost two months a blocked right hand side nostril.  Always worse at night, which meant mouth breathing.  Then yesterday both nostrils became blocked, and it was really difficult talking on the phone.  Could almost feel the mucous building up.  
Almost immediately felt better, then took a few drops in warm water before bedtime.  Best nights sleep for ages and this morning nose is so much clearer.  It worked an absolute treat and nose is almost clear today.  
Symptoms:  fungal feet for months 
Promyr, Yeast Plus A-V in an aloe/seaweed gel.  A game changer!
Symptoms: itchy feet 
Yeast, Kidney, Blood/Lymph, Emotional Stress
 It cleared in a week after trying many other products!
Symptoms:  ovarian cysts, endometrial polyps and persistent menorrhagia with associated pain
Neuralgia, Turmeric, Willow for the pain
Female, Dyrea, Ocular Plus Female, Spectra
The pain disappeared very quickly, the bleeding stopped within a couple of weeks but had more quickly than that reduced to very scanty. She went for a follow up scan – 1 cyst went completely the other reduced from 5 cm to 3 cm. Additionally the polyp had vanished but because the uterine wall looked thickened on scan they did a hsyteroscopy last week and found …..NOTHING!!  
Added Australian Bush Essences: Kapok, Turkey Bush and Sturt Desert Rose. 
Symptoms: client waiting since last year for a hip replacement 
Devil’s Claw, Trauma, Willow
2 doses and the pain went – completely. He was flabbergasted!  Worse day yesterday because he was walking lots. Better again today since taking it more frequently and remembering to take.
Symptoms: chronically painful back and on a very heavy duty painkiller
Neuralgia+, Joints, Devil’s Claw
Gleefully threw away the painkiller after a few days
Serena, Spectra, Emotional Stress
Client said ‘I feel my feet are firmly on the ground and I am back to my centre’
Symptoms: Jack russel/chihuahua Bruno was playing with my German Shepherd and somehow was injured, whether she stood on him or he rolled, but he couldn’t walk at all 
Trauma, Devil’s claw, Joints
Rushed him off to the vets and the vet said complete bed rest as he’d nearly ruptured his ligaments. Very touch and go. He said no steps at all!! Had to lift him out of his bed for weeks to go to the toilet. We have one step in and out of the house. He’s an older dog and seemed to go down hill quickly, We were pretty sad about it. He was on medication that the vet gave him which ran out about 4 weeks ago, whilst we were on lock down. He could walk but his legs were pretty wobbly still and he was very slow and reluctant to get out of bed. 
3 drops in his food twice a day, two weeks later he started to move a lot more, a week later he started to run – wobbly after the ball a bit and this week, he’s jumping up and down when it’s meal time, he’s more energetic, obviously much happier and more mobile that I’ve seen him for months. BIG BONUS, he had been shaking a lot and the vet just said lots of older dogs do, especially ones with double muscles such as Jacks. There has been NO SHAKING for at least two weeks that I’ve noticed. We have our little guy back again and we couldn’t be more delighted. P.S. when we had that storm last week my knees got really painful, so I started on Bruno’s blend myself and they are much better now lol
Symptoms: bad sting
First Aid in aloe/seaweed gel topically
Orally Trauma, Joints, Devil’s Claw 
I was out in the garden with loose pants on and I got stung, but MAN I got stung. Literally ripped off my trousers and it hurt like Billy O, not a normal sting, as I’ve had plenty of those.  Much better relief. 1/2 hour later, I’m ok, huge red, raised mark, but mostly the pain has gone and no other symptoms. 
Symptoms: frozen neck and shoulder, in a great deal of pain
Trauma, Devil’s Claw orally 
Trauma in seaweed/aloe gel topically
Directed to take it immediately and given twice more during the consultation as it was an acute situation as well as I applied the gel twice during her visit. By the third dose she was almost dropping off to sleep, her eyes were closing, she was propping her head up with her hand. It was a bit startling, Honestly, she was away! It turned out that she had been under severe emotional and financial  pressure for about a year and I believe it manifested in the frozen neck and back. She slept for just over 2 hours and then felt well enough to drive although still exhausted. 
Symptoms: sleep issues 
Quiet/Sleep, Emotional Stress
client says  “Just to let you know I have slept so well the last 2 nights, normally with the full moon, I probably sleep 2-3 hours per night!!! and I have woken up naturally before my alarm, that’s really amazing. Thank you so, so so much”
Symptoms: loss of taste and smell
HistaHerb, Allergies, Spectra
Loss of taste and smell for 2 years on steroids for polymyalgia. Client says: she can smell her roses for the first time in years! 
Symptoms:  irritable bladder and psoriasis 
Devils Claw, Blood/Lymph, Kidney, Skin, Liver
Client says: “Thank you… saved me from the looney bin!  Slept much better. Woke after 4.5 hours sleep, I was so excited that I had slept that long that I woke myself up. The realisation that something is working is just such a feeling of euphoria. I did get back to sleep and had another 3.5 hours sleep. Thank you again, you’ve no idea how grateful I am.”
Symptoms:  very tired and wired, not having been able to sleep for two months and virtually out of my mind with exhaustion  
Quiet/Sleep, Spectra, Zest
“It turned me round and got me sleeping from the very first evening. I was so relieved to sleep and it made me an overnight Homeobotanicals super fan.  Really it was fantastic!”
Symptoms: migraines
Allergies, Willow, Colds/Catarr, Migraine, Neuralgia+
Chronic on and off migraines plus blocked sinuses.
“Started with 3 drops every 15 minutes for one hour and after that hour the headache had gone and sinuses had drained I could see it from just looking at him. He took 2 more doses of three drops for the next hour every 30 minutes and today his fine. I think he was quite shocked at how well it worked without pain killers and a sinus spray. His taken 1 dose today as he said he doesn’t need it as he feels fine.”
Symptoms: edema and sleep issue for decades 
Cerebra, Urine/Edema, Kidney
“The miraculous thing for me has been the Homeobotanical remedy. It has been the only time that anything has ever helped my Edema and waking up at night for urine. When the bottle finished, and it took me a few days to ask you to send me another, the symptoms started returning but as soon as I resumed the drops, instantly they started bringing the swelling down. For me this is huge as no one has ever been able to touch this before” Client said 85% improvement
Symptoms: suspected chronic fatigue syndrome
Blood/Lymph, Allergies, Migraine, Kidney, Emotional Stress
Quiet/Sleep, Lemon Balm, Vitality, Dandelion, Parsley
“I’m not lying in bed aching I can get out of bed now”  Now able to go to her allotment up and about, sleeping better, more energy! 
Symptoms:  hiatus hernia, really bad digestion drank gaviscon like cups of tea
Dandelion, Gastro, Devil’s Claw
Client couldn’t believe the results, not needed or taken any Gaviscon for nearly 10 days. Now he’s singing homeobotanicals from the roof tops.”
Symptoms: anxiety and stress
Emotional Stress, Serena
Client says: “It’s just magical. I’ve not felt anxious in the last few weeks. Everything is softer. I’ve slept deeply. It’s turned down the volume a bit. I come down again after any small bit of stress. I’d like buckets of it.”
Symptoms: history of breast cancer and diabetes
Blood/Lymph, Devil’s Claw
After a covid injection in December felt unwell nausea, flu like sx, this cleared after 3 weeks then had 2nd injection felt a little unwell, but not as ill as first injection. But unfortunately the lymph on the collar bone became enlarged and sore and would not go down stayed raised. Obviously with history was scared re raised lymphs, and wanted lymphs treated. 
Good news after taking for only 3 days lymphs started to go down and felt different (taken for 2 weeks so far) Continuing to take, now practically back to normal. Another great result with Homeobotanical HomeoHerbals. Just love them and how powerful at healing they are.
Symptoms: covid 
Pine, Expectorant, Lemon Balm
Patient 5 days of CV positive test, on remedies, had nasty, phlegmy (beige) cough, inflamed throat, hoarsenes and soreness from coughing, low lingering temperature on and off, sensation of constriction in the throat from all the phlegm, loss of taste/smell, quite anxious ‘…how long does the cough usually last… shouldn’t the fever be gone by now… ?’ Friday evening started on the Homeobotanical. This morning ‘…can’t really feel any phlegm anymore, just a tickly cough, smell/taste beginning to return, throat fine…’ 
Symptoms: chronic asthma and COPD 
HistaHerb, A-V, Immunoboost
Client takes antibiotics regularly (for recurring chest infections) steroids plus inhalers, nebuliser.  Born with asthma so has been on meds all his life, as a life saver. Constantly in and out of hospital. 
Since taken the HomeoHerbals has not had to use nebulisers, steroids or go on antibiotics and only had to use inhaler on waking. He can’t believe it. Each day is a bonus, and he is a convert to alternative healing. 
Symptoms: menstrual disturbance
Organo Blend, Supergreens+, Female, Willow
“I lady approached me a couple of months ago. She is working in a clinical setting and has not had the covid injection but all her colleagues have, had her menstrual cycle completely disturbed for the past 5 months with no periods . She is not perimenopausal, she thought it was because of the ‘shedding’ from her colleagues that has interfered with her.
Since taking the blend she reported this week, delighted that her periods are back and she feels great. 
Symptoms:  torn calf muscle, tendonitis 
Trauma, Devils Claw
“Hi , after only 3 doses of your amazing tincture I can feel the improvement in my legs. Thank you so much! You’re a wonder! Have a lovely weekend xx”
Symptoms: debilitating Lyme’s Disease
Solomon’s seal
Japanese knotweed
Client being treated for 18 months, fatigue and brain fog in addition to the other Lyme’s symptoms. Progress has been zig-zag with small gains over time.  The covid injection set her back for a year when her Lyme’s symptoms came back with a vengeance and additionally severe pains, most especially in her right knee and back and severe lassitude. The physical symptoms were awful. I made up 2 bottles – one with Solomon’s Seal and one with Japanese Knot Weed as we wanted to understand what was doing what. She started with the SS – and reported a definite lessening of the pain and inflammation. 10 days later she started the JKW and wow has it made a difference. No pain, mind sharp and positive for the first time in a long long time. This is a lady who speaks 5 languages and prides herself on her simultaneous translation skills who could barely string a sentence together. Recently she had a course of antibiotics for an old root canal filling that flared up and it completely ‘slammed’ her. So she stopped everything for a short while. Homeopathy sorted out the tooth. She restarted the JKW and instantly back to sharp brain no pains. I cannot believe the difference from the summer.
Symptoms: terrible knee pain/back pain/exhaustion since 2 covid injections
Japanese knotweed, Solomon’s seal, Turmeric, Devil’s claw
Client had been suffering since the early summer. Pain gone completely within 4 days.
Symptoms: severe insomnia
Quiet/Sleep, Spectra, Serena
A client struggling with insomnia which had led on to delusions. Client waking up screaming from frightful sleep whilst barely sleeping longer than 3- 4 hours a night for 4 months.  
This was the response from a family member the morning after taking the blend. “…. first full night’s sleep in four months… couldn’t believe it, wanted to cry, kept checking her and she was fast asleep.  Mentally much better today, still delicate, fearful and a little confused but she’s lucid:)
Symptoms: burning urination and bright red blood in my urine
Urine/Edema, Veins, Heart/CIrculation alternating with A-V, Willow, Expectorant
“A rough morning with urgency and burning sensation. 
And today – NOTHING – no blood, no urgency, no burning sensation. I can’t believe it – in ONE day.”
Symptoms: 80% improvement on: Injury, Lichen sclerosis, Rage, Aches and pains
Joints, Trauma, Devil’s claw Plus Supergreens+, Organo Blend
“Broke my left hand down from little finger. Still not healed. Fingers swollen. Fell on 1st finger of right hand, still bent.
I can click my fingers, can’t click and structure in left hand. Set of arthritis, injured parts, middle finger of right hand excruciating.
Middle finger of right hand on waking excrutiating pain 8-9/10 as I wake, sharp, in both knuckles, stabbing.
During the day I feel that my hands are weak, undoing things, not got strength and dexterity.
Damaged right foot. Acute pain has eased down but kicked off some arthritis. Getting out of bed, doing the old people’s shuffle until my feet get working.
When she had the injury: “Emotionally knocked my confidence, walking became an extreme sport”
Post astra zeneca injection – “Lichen sclerosis flared up, really awful – sometimes 9/10 – can’t sleep, so sore, spread all round genital area.
I have rage that is not far from the surface.”
Symptoms:  constipated and been on Movicol for a year
Yeast, Gut Repair, Vitmin, Supergreens+
Four year old child
“ I cannot believe it, she has only been given drops twice and already did two poos (no movicol involved)”
Symptoms: acute slipped disc
Solomons seal, Turmeric, Willow
Female 50 bent down to pick something up and something slipped, her disc. Went to bed not too bad, woke up in agony. Couldn’t move, spasms. Called ambulance to take her to hospital, diagnosed slipped disc. Managed to get to her osteopath but they couldn’t help. Went to see her doctor, all they could offer was Tamazapan which helped a bit. Phoned me up HELP, I’m in agony and can’t move. Next day showed up and did some craniosacral and stretching. She started with 3 drops under tongue every 10 minutes during the session. After the 30 minute session having taken 4 lots of the drops she felt a lot better. Said the pain was much more manageable and was able to move without spasms. She managed the stairs to get to her bed for the first time in 4 days without being on her hands and knees and crying with the pain. Checked in two days later. No spasms since starting the drops, more mobile and a lot less pain. Checked in today. Feeling loads better, still being careful with movements but able to get around. Also just to mention it, she hadn’t slept much for 4 days before I saw her, had her first good nights rest the night afterwards and felt loads better for that. Good result. Ecstatically happy client. Just had another message from her ‘ No more pain just when I stand up or sit down or walk… Just very tender. the combination of your rub, drops and my oil did more for me than any of the awful drugs!!!! I feel it if I forget to put the rub/oil combo xx’
Symptoms: menses cease since covid
Female, Blood/Lymph, Devil’s claw, Neuralgia, Digestion
“I started taking the drops yesterday. Did 3 drops 5 time, then I’ve done 3 today. Literally just got my period – amazing”
Symptoms: monthly rages with menstrual cycle
Female, Emotional Stress
Cycle disrupted since having covid “Can I have some more of that tonic? My cycle is so so much better after taking it. I could feel the rage lifting. I need more! I feel more in touch with my body and no longer raging at the world each month!”
Symptoms: extreme stress and anxiety
BeCalm, Emotional Stress, Spectra, Dynama
“Not sure if it’s a placebo effect as only took it once this morning but I’ve felt so calm today and am managing to be productive! Will be using the spray daily! Thank you xx”
Symptoms:  alcohol addiction
Supergreens+, Organo
“my desire for alcohol has gone to zero since I’ve been on this… my energy is better… “
Symptoms: severe chronic pain
Willow, Carcina 23
Elderly patient I have been seeing now for 5 years with severe chronic pain. She fell 5 years ago, broke several vertabrae and has osteoporosis. Life is very hard for her. The combo I have just given her has helped!! I am so pleased for her.
Symptoms:  skin and menstrual cycle
Blood/Lymph, Allergies, Migraine, Kidney, Emotional Stress
Female, Neuralgia, Emotional Stress
Female, Migraine, Neuralgia, Emotional Stress
A client who had been on synthetic contraception for 7 years (from early teens) to regulate acne
“…. my skin is still doing great and is definitely getting better as the weeks go on. I am having small breakouts now and again but are dealing with them much better and can figure out the reasons as to why they appear for example stress or bad diet.
I am still happy with my decision to come off the pill, I can definitely see the positives from it now. My cycle has nearly returned back to normal which I was surprised to see as I thought it would take a while.  Just also wanted to say thank you so much for your help so far I am in such a better place now and I am very glad I came to you for help. “
Symptoms: skin issues, eczema
Psory, Skin, Ocular
Used for many skin complaints, really effective on eczema!
Symptoms: athletes foot
Promyr, Yeast in seaweed/aloe gel
Athletes foot, itching and burning. 24hours later almost complete gone. She very impressed.
Symptoms: insomnia
Quiet/Sleep, Lemon Balm
“Best night’s sleep ever!”
Symptoms: urticaria
Psora, Usnea in a gel and BeCalm, Gut Seal, VitMin orally
After just one month the patient said that the itching gone to the point that she no longer is bothered by it, all spots (urticaria type spots) have virtually vanished.  Be Calm seems an amazing combination for so many at the moment. Thank you HBs!
Skin, Emotional Stress
“I have been using homeobotanicals for 8 months. I am delighted with how my skin has cleared up & I am gradually weaning myself off the steroids which is my ultimate goal”
Symptoms: hand tremors, constant diarrhoea, heart palpitations, overheating
Organo Blend
So I am just posting to sing the praises of OrganoBlend. I have a patient in the *** who was diagnosed with Graves after experiencing symptoms post c* jib. Hand tremors, diarrhoea (she was going constantly), heart palpitations, overheating main symptoms. I gave her OrganoB 5 alongside Nat Mur (as a constitutional) and one month later she is delighted! The tremors and palpitations have completely gone. She no longer has diarrhoea, although her stools are still soft but now only once or twice p/d. And her body temperature has returned to normal.  You know when you get one of those consultations when you’re searching for symptoms because you can’t quite believe it….it was one of those!! Love these small but mighty herbs!”
Symptoms: covid symptoms and long covid
Organo Blend, Supergreens +
Female late 50’s with covid , 5 days exhaustion & flu symptoms. Breathing difficulties at night. Taking olbas oil to help breathing. Steam room with eucalyptus oil. Up and down since then, lots of weird symptoms, headaches, muscle aches, memory impairment, tiredness etc for several months. Started on OrganoBlend and SuperGreens+ 3 drops x 5 times a day. At first the headache got worse, so she dropped the dose to twice a day and continued on that for a week. After 2 weeks, all symptoms had gone and she was feeling back to normal. She stayed on the blend for another 2 weeks to make sure all symptoms were completely out of the body.
Symptoms: toothache
‘A friend visited 3 days ago with a terrible tooth ache. Dentist prescribed antibiotics but she didn’t want to take them as she gets thrush. I gave her 5ml Promyr to drop directly only the sore tooth as often as she thought of it. She texted me the next morning to say that the pain was much less and she had been able to sleep. She just texted me and said the infection is completely gone in 3 days. She was amazed just 3 DAYS – her words. Delighted.’
Symptoms: toothache
Neuralgia, Promy, Spasma
‘I have an exciting experience to share. yesterday a friend of mine came to me. she had a tooth ache. Molars on both sides were painful, infected, with swelling and sensitive to even water in mouth, there is a gap between her teeth and gums she said – when she chews her food it gets through the gap and has damaged the gums over the months!! there is also a gap between adjacent teeth (it chipped off long ago) ! long story short – i gave her a mix of 1N+1Promyr+0.5spasma (in a 15ml bottle) and in just 2 doses her pain was eased and she could sleep!! did not wake up with pain! today she is having no pain – unless she eats and food particles irritates it. even after eating when she took this mix her pain goes away in less than 3 minutes. Swelling in the lymph nodes under the jaw line and the parotid glands also seem to have reduced. Since 3 days her pain was building up, radiating to ears and forehead, throbbing and sharp! wonderful results in just few hours! Thank you and the wonderful magical remedies!! its so exciting!!’
These are for anecdotal information only. If you have a problem please visit your health professional and see advice.

I have had Craniosacral therapy before for a sciatica therefore I am already an adept. This is my experience of my first treatment with Debs.
I went to a concert and seem to have developed Tinnitus on that very night. I called Debs for help as I was quite distraught. She made contact very quickly and reassured me and I managed to book an appointment for the very next day. Debs went on to work and I think I fell asleep… the therapy session worked, I was so pleased! Going from having the sound of a lorry buzzing in my head so a much more manageable hiss. It has completely disappeared now. This was nearly 3 months ago.
Debs explained that the damage had been very new and we nipped it in the bud, so to speak.
She has magic hands and is an incredibly calming being. I felt completely refreshed after the treatment but also, I felt much more “put back together”, if that means anything to anyone.
I cannot recommend and thank Debs enough for her help and will definitely be having more treatments.

In the very first psychotherapy / life coaching session, Deborah helped me trace the root of my anxiety and overcome it. As a result, my self-confidence and motivation increased considerably and my enthusiasm for my work returned. During the course of the 6 coaching sessions Deborah guided me to set clear goals regarding my future career, to identify the steps needed to achieve these goals, and to put these into action. Thanks to this, I now feel very positive and motivated about the direction I am going in and, as a bonus, my increased levels of confidence and enthusiasm are having positive effects in my personal life as well.


Deborah has supported and motivated me 100% and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering changing their lives for the better.


Your emails are an immense gift
Your messages are an immense gift. It makes us stop and focus on the good things. Reaffirming what we know, but often fail to stay true to in the bustle of our daily lives. You make a big difference. Thank you for that.
Dot Mackay

Thank you for everything, listening, understanding and helping me turn my life around!!
This course (Professional coaching Programme) changed my life. I can now walk away with the skills, techniques and confidence to coach others. It is inspiring, energetic, fun and life enhancing.
Fiona Igbokwe

Programme Manager and Life Coach

I had been feeling truly awful – to an extent that for the whole previous year I had felt lethargic, depressed, gained weight and a general exhaustion that made it extremely hard to function in everyday life. I am truly grateful that I have found someone who has helped me both mentally, through her counselling/psychology work, and likewise her remarkable body work (cranio sacral therapy) – which leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed and content. I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is worth every penny and more!!


Your session was the best part of the day
Thank you again for your time on Saturday afternoon; each of the young people said that the relaxing head massage session was their favourite bit of the day. I think you could tell from their reactions just how much they enjoyed it!
Emma Bell

Young Adult Carers’ Support Worker, Kingston Carers’ Network

Thank you..in a very stressful job your regular motivational emails give me a glint of positivity!
Karen Wheatley

Head of Section - Service Industries, Kingston College

My expectations were met and exceeded on every level possible within my life and my life has completely changed. The coaching course and each instructor individually are truly inspirational. It was professional, inspirational and amazing.
Ruth Freeman

Holistic therapist and Coach

I feel more in charge of my life
When I first joined Deborah’s Relaxation and Meditation class, I hoped it would just show me how to calm down a bit, but I admit I was rather skeptical about getting any significant benefits.

In fact, from the topics she covers and the inspiring way she teaches, I have got major benefits, including the following:

Generally, I feel more in charge of my life and have learned practical techniques which help me get past blocks and get on doing things I need to do. Specifically, the benefits include:

  • I deal more effectively with stress at work, and help others to do the same
  • I know how to boost my confidence before an important meeting
  • I communicate better with colleagues
  • I have a more positive “can-do” attitude to daily problem

Deborah is very good at communicating in large and small groups and one-to-one. She also adapts rapidly to meet new needs which emerge in a group.

Importantly, she’s careful about confidentiality and ensuring that her students can handle the sometimes powerful effects of what she teaches.

I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone who, like me, has a job which requires dealing with pressure, getting the best out of people, and building rapport with clients. I would also recommend her classes to anyone who wants to get the benefits I have described above.

Dr Rowan Astbury

Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Dear Deborah,

I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me in the past – I use the tools you gave me to change the way I think and feel and move forward every day in my relationships and day to day life and so continue to benefit from your expertise. You really helped me change and reshape my life and I cannot thank you enough for this.

One quote that reminds me of what you have done for me is this one:

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

You taught me skills for life and they are invaluable!

My personal update is, that I am now happily married to someone who is my best friend and my love and we are planning a family together. I now make my own decisions without allowing people to emotionally blackmail me. Despite the process of change being rough at times, I feel my relationships with family members have improved through this.

So, thank you again, for sharing your knowledge with me and empowering me to take my life into my own hands and shaping it, so I can be happy and a stronger person.

I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me and made such a positive difference to my life – people these days often forget to say things about the good stuff, but are always quick to complain about the bad stuff. I personally (especially since meeting you), think it is so important to mention the good stuff 🙂

I have passed your details on to several friends, you are the first person I think of, when I hear / know of someone struggling. Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I ever made! (female early 30s)

We all go through pain in life, some more than others. The weak ones suffer in silence or refuse to accept they have a problem (like I did), the genuine tough ones face their problems with determination and ask for help. That help is not always the best, so what happens then? Deborah Kerslake was recommended as a miracle worker. Skeptical at first (as always), I decided to find out. I can truly say that Deborah is a life saver. She really cares, understands and wants to make a difference. I am indebted to her for life. (male 20s)