I have had Craniosacral therapy before for a sciatica therefore I am already an adept. This is my experience of my first treatment with Debs.
I went to a concert and seem to have developed Tinnitus on that very night. I called Debs for help as I was quite distraught. She made contact very quickly and reassured me and I managed to book an appointment for the very next day. Debs went on to work and I think I fell asleep… the therapy session worked, I was so pleased! Going from having the sound of a lorry buzzing in my head so a much more manageable hiss. It has completely disappeared now. This was nearly 3 months ago.
Debs explained that the damage had been very new and we nipped it in the bud, so to speak.
She has magic hands and is an incredibly calming being. I felt completely refreshed after the treatment but also, I felt much more “put back together”, if that means anything to anyone.
I cannot recommend and thank Debs enough for her help and will definitely be having more treatments.

In the very first psychotherapy / life coaching session, Deborah helped me trace the root of my anxiety and overcome it. As a result, my self-confidence and motivation increased considerably and my enthusiasm for my work returned. During the course of the 6 coaching sessions Deborah guided me to set clear goals regarding my future career, to identify the steps needed to achieve these goals, and to put these into action. Thanks to this, I now feel very positive and motivated about the direction I am going in and, as a bonus, my increased levels of confidence and enthusiasm are having positive effects in my personal life as well.


Deborah has supported and motivated me 100% and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering changing their lives for the better.


Your emails are an immense gift
Your messages are an immense gift. It makes us stop and focus on the good things. Reaffirming what we know, but often fail to stay true to in the bustle of our daily lives. You make a big difference. Thank you for that.
Dot Mackay

Thank you for everything, listening, understanding and helping me turn my life around!!
This course (Professional coaching Programme) changed my life. I can now walk away with the skills, techniques and confidence to coach others. It is inspiring, energetic, fun and life enhancing.
Fiona Igbokwe

Programme Manager and Life Coach

I had been feeling truly awful – to an extent that for the whole previous year I had felt lethargic, depressed, gained weight and a general exhaustion that made it extremely hard to function in everyday life. I am truly grateful that I have found someone who has helped me both mentally, through her counselling/psychology work, and likewise her remarkable body work (cranio sacral therapy) – which leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed and content. I cannot recommend her highly enough – she is worth every penny and more!!


Your session was the best part of the day
Thank you again for your time on Saturday afternoon; each of the young people said that the relaxing head massage session was their favourite bit of the day. I think you could tell from their reactions just how much they enjoyed it!
Emma Bell

Young Adult Carers’ Support Worker, Kingston Carers’ Network

Thank you..in a very stressful job your regular motivational emails give me a glint of positivity!
Karen Wheatley

Head of Section - Service Industries, Kingston College

My expectations were met and exceeded on every level possible within my life and my life has completely changed. The coaching course and each instructor individually are truly inspirational. It was professional, inspirational and amazing.
Ruth Freeman

Holistic therapist and Coach

I feel more in charge of my life
When I first joined Deborah’s Relaxation and Meditation class, I hoped it would just show me how to calm down a bit, but I admit I was rather skeptical about getting any significant benefits.

In fact, from the topics she covers and the inspiring way she teaches, I have got major benefits, including the following:

Generally, I feel more in charge of my life and have learned practical techniques which help me get past blocks and get on doing things I need to do. Specifically, the benefits include:

  • I deal more effectively with stress at work, and help others to do the same
  • I know how to boost my confidence before an important meeting
  • I communicate better with colleagues
  • I have a more positive “can-do” attitude to daily problem

Deborah is very good at communicating in large and small groups and one-to-one. She also adapts rapidly to meet new needs which emerge in a group.

Importantly, she’s careful about confidentiality and ensuring that her students can handle the sometimes powerful effects of what she teaches.

I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone who, like me, has a job which requires dealing with pressure, getting the best out of people, and building rapport with clients. I would also recommend her classes to anyone who wants to get the benefits I have described above.

Dr Rowan Astbury

Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I ever made!

Dear Deborah,

I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me in the past – I use the tools you gave me to change the way I think and feel and move forward every day in my relationships and day to day life and so continue to benefit from your expertise. You really helped me change and reshape my life and I cannot thank you enough for this.

One quote that reminds me of what you have done for me is this one:

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

You taught me skills for life and they are invaluable!

My personal update is, that I am now happily married to someone who is my best friend and my love and we are planning a family together. I now make my own decisions without allowing people to emotionally blackmail me. Despite the process of change being rough at times, I feel my relationships with family members have improved through this.

So, thank you again, for sharing your knowledge with me and empowering me to take my life into my own hands and shaping it, so I can be happy and a stronger person.

I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me and made such a positive difference to my life – people these days often forget to say things about the good stuff, but are always quick to complain about the bad stuff. I personally (especially since meeting you), think it is so important to mention the good stuff 🙂

I have passed your details on to several friends, you are the first person I think of, when I hear / know of someone struggling. Coming to see you was one of the best decisions I ever made! (female early 30s)

We all go through pain in life, some more than others. The weak ones suffer in silence or refuse to accept they have a problem (like I did), the genuine tough ones face their problems with determination and ask for help. That help is not always the best, so what happens then? Deborah Kerslake was recommended as a miracle worker. Skeptical at first (as always), I decided to find out. I can truly say that Deborah is a life saver. She really cares, understands and wants to make a difference. I am indebted to her for life. (male 20s)