Personal and Professional development

90 Minute Seminars

Personal leadership – Taking control of you

Walk tall and be Assertive – Ask for what you want

Resilience under pressure – Life happens, here’s how to deal

Meditation to de-stress & relax – The best tool EVER

Sleep awareness workshop – Practical tips and tricks

Life/work balance – How to manage your life

WorkSmart and the art of juggling – it’s not how hard ……

21 top tips to living a happy, fulfilled life – #1 favourite

Meditation for energy & vitality – How to feel GREAT!

5 day comprehensive professional coaching programme.


Bespoke seminars / workshops

We are happy to adapt or bespoke the courses on offer for your company at no extra charge to 1/2 day, one day or longer.

Please let us know what you would like to achieve and we’ll put together a proposal for you.

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Homeobotanical Workshops

Homeobotanical remedies are liquid herbal combinations specific to an organ or system in the body and then potentised and diluted as in Homeopathy.  They are very effective and completely safe treatments for most health issues. This is a practitioner only post graduate programme. If you are qualified in another complimentary therapy, have completed Anatomy, physiology and pathology, have done clinical studies and have a good understanding of either Homeopathy or Herbs then you can qualify for this 2 day course. We have 52 remedies in the range which can cover most health conditions in a clinic. Go to for more information on these incredible remedies or contact me for further information.

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