Our Company

Our aim is to help you keep on track and become and remain happy, healthy and successful. We specialise in personal and professional development and wellness of the whole person.

We work with groups or with individuals to promote health and wellness. We have a strong sense of ethics and a commitment to helping people be the best they can be.

We have adult teaching qualifications and are experienced, qualified and skilled in all that we teach. We run a range of interesting and practical workshops to facilitate health and wellbeing.

We have available a range of therapies to assist wellbeing and keep you healthy – looking good and feeling brilliant as well as help you get back on track when you have lost your way.

To further assist your development we have available:

Books for personal and professional development

Meditation CD’s for personal growth, calmness and happiness

Hypnosis CD’s and workbooks for quitting smoking and releasing weight

We can also run wellness days within your company as a huge THANK YOU to your staff.

Deborah is a fantastically positive role model who knows herself and her subject inside and out. You can therefore put yourself in her hands with confidence that you will be enveloped by her warmth and enthusiasm and feel very safe to explore more of your own mind. Life is for living to the full and everyday is an opportunity to grow. Angela Firth, teacher

Carol is one of the very few individuals that you can phone up and ask any question at all and she will have an informed and intelligent answer for you. She is incredibly generous with her time, expertise and with information. Carol’s enthusiasm for helping people reach their potential shines through her coaching and training practice and I am delighted to say she is my friend, colleague and mentor.