Homeobotanical remedies are powerful, synergistic blends of proven herbal combinations in liquid form which are imported from New Zealand.

This is our Post Graduate Practitioner Programme, set up for people who are already practitioners and would love to have more ‘tools’ in their tool box to help themselves, friends, family and clients. Specifically designed for practitioners who would love to know how to use these fantastic and safe herbal remedies but have been unable to attend one of our face to face courses. Therapists of all descriptions love them because they are very effective and easy to learn and use. This 6 module course will provide all of the information you will need for you be able to use these effective remedies in your home and clinic. After completing the simple test paper at the end, you will receive: – A very smart Post Graduate Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy. The option to have your name and contact details on the official Homeobotanical website for UK & Europe as a certified practitioner. A copy of our confidential questionnaire. A Homeobotanical brochure in Pdf form that you can give to your clients. The Homeobotanical labels template to put onto your bottles. Once you have paid for the course, you simply click onto curriculum at the top of the page and there you will be able to download the Homeobotanical Practitioner Manual and the Homeobotanical post graduate programme to work though either online or by hard copy. We recommend once started you complete as soon as possible to keep up the momentum. Good luck and I look forward to speaking to you if you have any queries or would like to order stock at Warm wishes

Dr. Deborah Kerslake.

Email debs@yes2wellness to get your booking link.