If you could get 10 years of therapy in 10 sessions, would that be of interest to you?

Integrated wholistic wellness is about treating a person as a whole unit and tailoring their treatment to maximise the bodies ability to heal itself using Western and Eastern disciplines.

Our behaviour impacts on our physical body (how we feel about our self reflects how we use or abuse our bodies).

By integrating subtle body work to release restrictions and bach flower remedies for emotional balance add to that the talking therapies for understanding and to release old habits and patterns, and then herbs for the physical manifestation of problems. Just imagine how powerful such a course of treatment could be.

When we treat the Whole person from the mental, emotional, physical and subtle, we bring about swift, complete and permanent growth and change.

We have noticed that in just 10 sessions you will have reached or exceeded the level of health and wellness as someone who has been in conventional therapy for many years.


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