MOT for the Soul

Are you out of sorts? lost your way? don’t feel as positive or enthusiastic as you used to? What about if you’ve just had a serious illness or accident and can’t seem to get on with life.

It may be that you are out of balance either in your body, mind or spirit.
MOT for the Soul addresses all these areas by giving you a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing treatment combining an energy centre energise and re-balance (Chakras), a meridian clearance – removing blocks in your energy lines, dynamic energy healing to infuse good energy back into your body and cranio sacral therapy to re-align and rebalance your whole physical body.

It’s amazing how just this one treatment can make you feel like a new person again. More enthusiastic, energetic and positive about life as well as getting rid of painful niggles in the body and emotional distress in the mind.

I have had incredible results with this treatment for people who have had accidents, illnesses or are currently battling a problem that there seems no solution to.

The power of loving touch cannot be over estimated. We store a certain amount of the adrenalin from trauma in our tissues which can cause stiffness, tightness and discomfort, creating barriers to protect ourselves, sometimes people haven’t had a gentle loving touch since they were children. Using cranio sacral therapy our clients often experience a cathartic emotional release when we release the physical holding patterns.

Come back into your best self. Start from a clean, balanced place.