CTA Accredited Certificate in Coach Training (ACCT)

In the early noughties, I was a psychotherapist working in London with private clients and within companies to support their staff. Many of my clients were able to get their therapy paid for by their company. However, back in those days there was still a big stigma attached to having to have any mental or emotional support and many of my clients decided to pay privately so the therapy wouldn’t be on their records and perhaps put a stain against their name or place questions in the minds of their employers of their ability to function successfully.

So, I decided that I would train to be a life coach as that was an acceptable tool to help professional people succeed and grow. There was no stigma associated with having coaching.

I looked around at the time and the coaching programmes I could find were either very babyish (and basic) and/or took years to complete (I felt I was somewhat along the road having been a working therapist for 10 years at that time) I didn’t feel the need to start from scratch but obviously I wanted to make sure that I had all the core coaching competencies and foundations nailed down to best serve my clients. They were also very expensive and had huge class numbers.

So, I did a few short courses and then read many books on coaching – my go-to when I need knowledge.

When I felt competent to offer my services as a life coach, my clients were able to put their sessions through the company and I got many more clients. I was also being asked where I trained as the results my clients were noticing were really excellent.  I decided to put together a coaching programme that I would have liked to do.

Specifically for people who were already competent in many fields, had some life experience and knowledge and just needed the core coaching competencies to add to their tool kit of offerings. Many people become coaches because they enjoy and are already good at helping people succeed in whatever is important to them.

I also thought what else would be really useful to people wanting to offer these services to others. So, I approached a successful Executive Coach who regularly was sent overseas to coach senior people in various companies if she would write a one day Executive Coaching module for the course. I then approached a coach who was a successful team coach, with a proven track record in taking failing teams and change them around into successful, coherent groups and asked if she would write a one day programme on groups and team coaching.

As a psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist by profession, I wrote the transformational/Break Through coaching module for personal development and confidence of our delegates and that you can use with your clients.

The other thing I notice that most of my clients were time-poor, so the Professional Coaching Programme is condensed into 7 ½ days of face to face intensive training practice and theory over a period of 3 months. This is different to so many other coaching courses which seem to be primarily online. We believe that most relationship building and rapport building skills need to be practiced and face to face is the quickest way to do this.

I have also priced it so that it within most peoples grasp to achieve when looking for a new profession, upskilling their communication and relationship building skills and/or for personal growth. We have a payment plan available and discount for early payment.

Our original programme was certified by the ICF International. This current programme is accredited and certified by the Association for Coaching International who make sure it is fit for purpose and follows current rule, regulations, and best practices. I hope you will join us in September.

Professional Coaching Programme.

6 Full days on September 2023 Thursday/Friday 28th/29th, then October 5/6  and 12/13th

3 half days, Friday Oct 27 10-2. Nov 10th 10-2 and 24th Nov 10-2 to finish.

60 hours of face to face Association for Coaching International accredited coaching Training in Horsham.

Cost £1950 plus VAT = £2340.

£500 deposit to hold your place.

If you pay by end of August 2023, you receive a £400 discount.